Main Garlic Exporting Countries


Garlic is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after and appreciated food products and condiments both inside and outside Spain. It is present in many culinary cultures around the world thanks to its spicy nuances and flavour-enhancing qualities, which give each dish a unique touch. With such a high demand and international trade in garlic we have asked ourselves the following question: which are the main garlic exporting countries?

Main garlic exporting countries

During the last decades the ranking of the largest garlic exporting countries has not changed much given that they are also the ones that produce the most. China remains in first position with a cultivated area and a production well above those of other competitors. It is followed in second place by India, which has grown considerably since 2016, and in third place by Egypt. From then on, garlic exporting countries can change their position whithin the ranking somewhat more surprisingly due to anomalies or market phenomena. Completing the top 10 we can find Malasya, Bangladesh, United States, Argentina, Russia, South Korea, and some years Spain.

Spain among the main garlic exporting countries

As we have just mentioned, on more than one occasion Spain has slipped into the list of the countries that produce and export garlic the most. Whenever we have not made the top 10 list we have always been close, staying high in the top 20, maintaining a strong presence as a producer and especially as an exporter. It is worth mentioning that our export levels have only grown in recent decades, despite strong competition. Other garlic exporting countries, such as China, have much more land dedicated to this crop, but the quality is different. Spanish garlic, and especially that of Castilla La Mancha, is characterised by its mild, aromatic and at the same time strong flavour, with a sufficient level of spiciness to give our meals a special touch and flavor. Asian garlic, on the other hand, is usually softer, less spicy and with smaller cloves.

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