Best And Hygienic Wheat Straw Hay

Best And Hygienic Wheat Straw Hay

producing high wheat long wheat straw for export which is agricultural in terms of production. After dry sticks of wheat plants, grain and straw have been removed. It is fed to livestock or horses as a component of dietary fiber, which is at a level of recovery near energy requirements. We begin our process with clean farms, harvested by the region’s most experienced producers, for a long period of wheat straw to export. Our shopkeepers and growers are extremely proud of their industry and work with the highest knowledge of production methods for grass and straw production.

Technical Specification:

Product Name:

Wheat Straw Hay

Crude Protein:

Max 2 -3%



Total Aflatoxin (ppb):


Total Endophyt (ppb):



Packing & Delivery

Payment Terms and Conditions

  • MOQ: 22 Tons.
    • FOB Karachi – Pakistan.
    • 50% Pre Payment
  • 50% upon scanning original  documents
  • LC at Sight 

Export Documents

  • Bill of Landing
  • Commercial Invoice / Packing list / Certificate of Origin
  • Phytosanitary / fumigation certificate
    • Product Specification Analysis Report

Packaging Style

  • Field Bale: 16 -30 Kg / bale
    • Container loading weight: 16 –22 M ton / container
    • Container HQ: 40 feet
    • Number of Bales in Container: As per Container weight.