A&K are dealing in almost all the types of mango’s grown in Pakistan. Sindhri, Langra, Doshehri, Chaunsa, Kali Seroli, Bagan pali, Swarnarika, and Neelum.



Pakistani Mango is one of the most delicious products in the world, which is being exported in large quantities from Pakistan to Europe, Middle East & America by air and to the gulf by sea in reefers Containers.


A&K Enterprises is the first exporting company of Pakistan which has successfully shipped fresh mango in Excellent conditions from Pakistan to UK by sea in reefer containers in 2004.


This delicious fruit is nutritionally superior, source of several vitamins and minerals. Pakistan produces 5.86 percent world’s mangoes being the third largest producer. Its export is progressing resulting into substantial foreign exchange earnings. Mango export including Middle East has also found its way to the UK and other European markets. It is believed that the demand would rise to as high as 50 percent given the right impetus and expanding the export to Germany, Japan China and Hong Kong.


Types of Mango in Pakistan

This fine variety is produced in the Sindh Province. It is in large size, yellow in color, fibreless, and oval shaped stone in medium size. It is very sweet in taste and has a pleasant fragrance. This variety is available from the Month of 20th May to 20th July.


This variety is produced in the province of Punjab. It is extremely sweet in taste and very delicious. Fresh, firm and fiber less, it is available after 15th June to the end of August.


Leading Commercial Mango Varieties:

Sindh: Sindhri, Gulabkhas, Swarnarice, Baganpalli, Collector, Neelum
Punjab: Malda, Langra, Aman Duseri, Anwar Ratol, Samer Bahisht, Fajri Kalan and Sensation.
NWFP: Lengra and Samer Bahisht
Baluchistan: Sindhri and Banganpalli